Friday, June 8, 2007

Thank You

Suzanne for the wonderful homemade dinners and book for Tristan.
Shan for mowing my lawn continuously and even using the weed-wacker!
Kristin for the food I can't remember because of all the drugs I was taking...(they call that "chemo brain"!)
Jennifer W. for the casserole and just hanging out on the front porch with some beers.
Jennifer N. for the kick-@ss calzones and quiche, and the sweet hats to keep my noggin warm.
Lori for bringing food, hanging out, and just being a really great friend during this time.
Stephanie and Tasha for bringing Rudy's favorite!
Jackie and Julie for bringing snacks to eat during my down week.
Justin and Meg for the loads of groceries for packing lunches and just serving dinners on the fly.
Jon for bringing us pizza from our favorite restaurant.
Leilan for being kind to my mom and bringing the yummy cake.
Makaela for being an outstanding person and giving the best way she knows how--project management!
Jesse and Mike for sheetrocking and electric work on the sunroom.
Cindy for all the phone calls and attention I need, and the beautiful plant.
Billie and Rich for just thinking about me constantly....oh, and the iPod. :)
Jerry for helping me get to my bloodwork once a week and helping me with my car.
Molly for putting family first and babysitting when I know she has other things to do.
Cassie for being a good friend and sister.
Mom for of course being a mom and taking care of me during chemo week, and for forcing me to ask about drugs that will help me feel better.
Dad for actually asking how I'm feeling instead of making this about him (seriously, that's a big one).
Grandma M. for sending me countless cards (at least 2 per week) and calling all the time.
Aunt Trish for sending the teddy bear, tea, and candy and worrying about me.
Aunt Lin for asking about me and sending me links to websites that will help.
Uncle Greg for the books for Tristan that will help him understand what's going on, and being an insider on how I feel.
Gail for helping me decide on the port and answering any questions about chemo I've had.
Tabitha for being relatable and knowing what's going on...probably the only person who knows EXACTLY how I feel.
Meika for just talking to me when I needed someone to talk to and missed her so, so much.
LeAnne for being a wealth of knowledge, making sure I feel ok, and asking her mom for samples.
Lily and Jason for the phone calls, flowers, and constant good thoughts.
June for babysitting me during my first chemo week and watching Maja when my other mom couldn't be there.
Teresa for loaning us the bed for visitors, the flowers, and watching the kids.
Margie for the loads of cards she sends!
Annette and Steve for praying for our family.
Megan for using her mad ninja-chef skills to produce the best mac n' cheese, soup, and grilled vegetable lazagne a girl could ask for.
Miss Jeanetta and Miss Andrea for taking such good care of our little boy, Tristan, and thinking about us often.
Debi B. for the candle, the sippy cup lids, and for being thoughtful.
Chris S. for the pain relief information and his movie collection.
Angie for the fantastic veggie burgers and pasta salad.
Chris B. for helping me take Maja to the doctor by keeping Tristan occupied.
Vicky for sending the post-natal tea and aromatherapy, and for offering to help in any way when I know she's busy with her own pregnancy (girl, you're so sweet...sorry I forgot to mention you earlier. Damn!)
Bridget for being a good listener and being honest, letting me vent, and understanding when I don't want to talk.
Sean and Kathleen for the beautiful tulips.
Kevin and Dena for the beautiful roses.
Muller and Co. for the beautiful lilies at the hospital, and for being so understanding and helpful--what a great bunch of people and a great organization to work for!!
Dan for being as close to me as he can and being the best man a girl can have.
Tristan for understanding what cancer is and how it hurts, for giving me his blanket, and loving me and worrying about me.
Maja for always smiling and being happy even when I'm not, and for saving my life.


Anonymous said...

Don't make me cry at work! :)

Anonymous said...

Also, I want to second Hillary's thanks to everyone. We knew we had an amazing support group, and are still overwhelmed. Each of you, without exception, is an incredible human being. We're so lucky to have you all, and none of your kindness will ever be forgotten. Thanks again! dan

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