Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Bald Lady

I was taking my daughter for a walk a couple of days ago and feeling pretty down on myself; pretty lonely. I enjoy my walks because I can have silence and move inward for awhile. A couple of blocks into it, I came up on a small intersection where a car had stopped at the stop sign perpendicular to me. It would take me awhile to get to the intersection so the car could have gone but it rested there, waiting for me to get closer. The driver was a bald woman wearing a baseball cap like the one I was wearing, and glasses. She was looking at me and grinning the biggest grin she could. I couldn't help smiling back at her and was suddenly so happy. I noticed a few other people in the car and they turned to look and smile at me too. The car turned the corner in front of me and headed on it's way. I watched it get smaller as it climbed the hill, then dipped out of sight as it passed the crest. I walked faster, subconsciously following the car, still smiling. I wanted her to come back so badly! I really needed that. Sometimes just knowing there are other people like you out there doing exactly what you're doing can make a world of difference.

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