Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's Official: I'm in Remission!!

Just got the mark of approval from the ol' doc. She says I won't need exploratory surgery to check for anymore cancer and the CT scan was clean! Wow. I never thought the word "remission" would make me so emotional.

Now I have bloodwork every 3 months along with girlie checkups and some routine yearly mammograms for the rest of my life. Once I hit the 5 year mark without any sign of cancer (October 16th, 2012) they will consider me CURED. Holy shit.


bobmoz said...

Great news! Celebrate!

Hillary said...

Thanks! If you didn't see that I was bald, you wouldn't know I had cancer. I'm back at work and feeling good....a little tired, but good. :)

Anonymous said...

we never got a chance to congratulate you at your party . . . but congrats, we are so proud of your fight!


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