Monday, September 10, 2007

The Journal Begins

I said I was going to keep track of chemo week meticulously, so here goes. Chemo isn't until tomorrow (Tuesday), but the day before chemo I always have to go in and do bloodwork. I've been going to the lab where I receive my chemotherapy infusion to do my bloodwork because I worked out a special deal where I don't have to pay my co-pay ($35). I have to do bloodwork once a week so the co-pays add up. I also pay a co-pay when I do chemo every 3 weeks and when I see the doctor.

I found out that if you go to an alternative lab to do bloodwork, they can charge different prices. I found one nearby that only charges me about $5 total. When I couldn't even afford that, the Cancer Institute worked out a deal with me so I wouldn't have to pay anything if I went to their lab instead. Whew!

They draw my blood through my port in my chest. Today they took 2 vials of blood and flushed it with saline. I can taste it when they give me the saline. They'll check my CBC and CA-125. I also asked them to check my thyroid levels per my doctor to make sure my thyroid medication is working for my body.

The needle kind of hurts going in, but it's not as annoying as having a needle in your arm. Someone gave me some Lidocaine gel for some mouth sores before I got the Magic Mouthwash (don't get me started on how awesome that is!) so I'm going to rub it on my port tomorrow. I don't know if it will work, but I'm going to try it out. It gets sore if I have my port accessed two days in a row.

Stay tuned!

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