Monday, October 1, 2007

Cause I'm the Mom Song

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susan said...

I loved the video! It was a riot
but so true. I don't know how that
woman could remember all the words
to that song. Maybe she has said
them all to her kids.
I liked it so much I put it in the
messageboard I post in every day.
The board has nothing to do with
cancer and I'm more than glad to
talk about other things. I use to
whine in the chemo room about them
not having anything to read that
didn't have something to do with
cancer. I started bringing my own
magazines.I could never focus
enough to read a book, even though
I would be there 5-6 hours. I liked talking to other people. They
were the ones who knew what I was
going through. I almost miss that.

I know you will feel better every
day, just don't think you can do
everything. Take advantage of it
now before you're so well and they will all want something from you. Ha!

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